BASF Project

Our Current Projects BASF Project


Rental of The Boiler System for 20 months starting 1st May 2016 until 31st December 2017


The Boiler System

6 x 20 tonne/hour Stem Boiler Attach with Economizer
97% Saturated Steam
2 x 60 tonne/hour Deaerator
2 Train of Softener (BPC is looking at Demin Water System to be quoted ASAP)

Raw Water Tank & Return Condensate Water Tank Adequate to support the boiler feedwater needs

Boiler house to house the boilers

Control room

Compact substation

Plinth to place the raw water and condensate water tank, deaerator softenerand chimney

All interconnecting within the boiler house to make ready the system to produce steam, receiving raw water and the condensate and supplying steam to header